Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Blogger Blog is marked as spam? What should I do?

There may be people who were facing an embarrassing experience when their blog suddenly removed / deleted / locked / spam can. This experience is already ahead of us if locked in blogger and 22 December 2014, and has been disabled by the blogger, and were not capable of anything to do immediately. While we take all measures to restore our blog on the same platform (, failed because it took several days to check our blog, was a year and a half of the blogs that have more than 270 messages wrote it. Nevertheless, I hope that bloggers to complete the review of my blog has passed about seven months since the incident occurred. What really makes my blog to reestablish normal to be shared with you on this subject. But remember, all my fights have failed to produce my blog again. But of course this method, you can follow is to restore back to your blog. I still do not know what's happened to me Blogger. But I'm the main reasons to tell if your blog can be broadcast / deactivated / deleted by the blogger. So you should avoid them.

Recover Spammed Blogger Blog

What should you do when it releases on blog / removed?

If your blog is marked as spam or eliminated Blogger, but you can continue on your Blogger account, you receive a message that states, see "Your blog has been flagged as spam by the automatic classification system." So if you see this long message about your retirement and unopened blog now, you should also be an option for this blog called "Restore this blog."You must immediately take 2 to your blog back to normal restore, first click on "Restore this Blog", which is located next to your blog stages and only enter the Captcha and Email Blogger team to contact you. Then go to this link and start a new thread for your problem, you do everything on your blog and are applicable to the recovery and examination procedures. Use polite language and there are no other people or their friends call to participate in the discussion because it is difficult for them to answer all questions. There are major causes Blogger specialists and even reset to walk to your blog to normal, then the patience, the skill it. Here is the link connection to run a quick phone:
So after starting their forum thread Blogger Help, reviewed regularly to your issue resolved soon. You can check every hour, as most bloggers can contribute a few questions you need to answer your questions for the blog to be restored in the shortest possible time to ask. And not everything that does not provide for the question. Additionally, you will also e-mail that notifies the team for the recovery Blogger initial report and the discussion that will go through the review process at the forum.Why remove my blog / blogger spam?There are many answers to this question and could have many reasons, if your blog has been flagged as spam. Here are some of them that will help you understand the general political bloggers to protect your spam servers:
  •     If you third JS directly in your code or widget area within Blogger editor scripts with no programming then it could be the main reason for your blog to be marked as spam by the automatic classification system bloggers
  •     If you copied the contents of your blog, then that is the reason for the removal
  •     If illegal content published so that another reason
  •     If you have written software / games / books to pay for free, then this could be a reason
  •     If you offer casino games or content type, then this is a good reason
  •     If you could be deleted content abused person, group or religion and Blog
  •     If you and is not just an adult-porn-content, this is also a reason
  •     If you have content, the copyrights of one or disclosure of personal matters hurt someone, then that's a reason
  •     If you do not have the content of the blog, but uses only advertising it a solid reason,
  •     If you suspect comments are approved, there is a real reason
  •     If you have a lot of feedback mails and publish it could also be a reason

The above are the signs which I have mentioned, as one of his blogs marked as spam by Blogger. However, you can download the full list of content policies bloggers can be found here:

What you should always make sure your content is at known for its activities in the blog used. Although I always recommend WordPress the possibility of a real internet business to establish.Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else. I'm always here at your service to answer your questions and queries. Thank you for your reading.