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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Submit Blogger sitemap to Google without any Generator

Google Sitemap
In order to increase traffic to your blog from search engines, you should send us a Google Sitemap. For Blogger blogs. It is very easy to generate a sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. If you only have a new blog with then started working on it and after the publication of most of the content that you index your sitemap to Google all of your pages and content. Late this Do not be, because you do not know how Sitemaps are important to Google Tracker. And presentation of sitemaps is outside the SEO page.If you have a blog of age, with a large number of sites / pages, more than 500 have, then it should generate multiple sitemaps for your website and submit them to Google. Now you need only the following steps and immediately send your Blogger sitemap to Google in minutes. In this tutorial we will not use Google Sitemap Generator.
To submit your sitemap to Google blog first sign in to your Google Webmaster with your Gmail ID. In most cases, all Google accounts are associated with a Gmail ID, including Blogger, Feedburner, YouTube, Google Plus, etc.After logging in with your webmaster account on the blog you want to send the Sitemap to Google, and after you see her on the individual blog for the blog page, so that the left side of the Optimize tab and see, click Sitemaps and now you have to "Add / Test Site," click on the button in the upper right corner of the page. Now just add the following piece of code for it and click submit:

For blogs that have less than 500 posts this sitemap file:

And blogs that have more than 500 messages, you can send multiple sitemaps, as follows:

  So you can use this way to submit to Google sitemaps blogger without the help of a map of your site, because it is the default style blogger sitemap.Let me know through comments if you have errors or problems while sitemap to Google, also share this post with your friends so they can also benefit.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Blogger SEO Video Tutorials

Blogger SEO Tutorials
Hello World! In our SEO Video Tutorials Urdu-series, we learned a lot and today is another gift for you by Online PC Tuts. Today we are the complete SEO Blogger to learn Urdu language with examples of video. I recorded video tutorials in Urdu to optimize your blog I hope this will be helpful for you. Here is the complete list of new features and tips SEO Blogger interface is displayed. There are a number of video tutorials you find these tutorials easily optimize Blogger blogs. However, important on-page SEO to see my entire course.

Blogger SEO Tips in Urdu Video Tutorials

We stayed in this blog in the past two years, but our ranking and all is ruined. But I always take challenges in my life. Therefore, I have decided to date as possible over and over what course I will give up this new interface to update SEO Blogger. You will see some great resources near future on this blog.

For now you can just watch the tutorials are in Urdu and Hindi, and not just watch the video, but will use them in your blog.

 Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 1
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 2
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 3
 Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 4
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 5
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 6
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 7
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 8
Blogger SEO in Urdu/Hindi Part 9

How were these tutorials? Please share your thoughts in the comments so I can express their opinion. And tell me what this blog is now with many tutorials in Urdu and Hindi. You can also see a favor by giving me the contents of this page with your friends. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SEO Tips in 2015

New SEO Tips
When it comes to SEO = Search Engine Optimization, everyone is looking for new tips and techniques to improve the current rankings of the general search engines "and in particular in the ranking in Google. From a marketing point of view, SEO is still alive and will always be, because search engines are based primarily written on the contents of the authors / bloggers and businesses. However, there are new updates for the algorithm every other day of the major search engines like Google, the owners of small businesses and bloggers unhappy, because they have their makes changing SEO strategies published after new changes slightly. And so many bloggers / webmasters try to look for updates / Technical of the Internet, and in this sense, I came up with five SEO tips that can help incalculable Targeting your SEO goals. Remember, I was always a kind of white hat SEO has never had a black hat or unethical means to be used to improve the search engine positioning after the Google Panda algorithm (in 2011) and Penguin (in 2012 ). In fact, you should never be afraid of any algorithm when a natural way to make you happy do your best, and will take only specific search engine robots never fulfilled the importance of an understanding of real human human. To make it easier for you, I have recently experienced some of the best SEO practices (off-page and on the side), I share with you in this post.

Top 5 Tips for SEO in 2015

So this is a list of five tips that I will share with you on this page, all these things are to obtain organic actual results of Google and other search engines, first I recently tried to implement these tips equal in me, and when I better, so I decided to share on my blog. And as you know, the new 2015 just knock on the doors, so I think these tips work best in 2015 and beyond. Now to the point.

Tip # 1 - Update your ContentRegularly

This is the advice that number, I can give you, because it worked for me also recommend several times and search engines that you update your content in accordance withthe current date. What I by updating the content? I just think if something shapeof publish in your blog post / article, a few days after the release, see the article / articles, edit, and add a little text / image or video, etc., then update to get the search engines Robots back to his post and updated version of their mail creeps see. Works great to see a dramatic increase in the ranking of the article / post specifically. I always try to update my regular messages within two months and popular within three months. But I recommend you to new messages are updated on a weekly basis if you want to get a quick sorting of search engines, and that is beautiful and original SEO to do everything.

Bonus Tip: If you keep an eye on the progress after the update messages / objects, use a tool to monitor keywords like or

And the search engines know that you have correctly updated your emails / messages use the date of the change or update [meta] if you use WordPress, you can use this plugin to use the latest update WP Date of last modification

Tip # 2 - Add a video to your post

This is another good strategy worked for me and for you, recently I lived in a live blog post, first I work Video created something, so I have a blog with a permanent link I followed in design mode, however, on,, and lifted my video sharing favorite videos with millions of visitors every day websites. I have the blog post on the description of the video in the four places where I, I have uploaded the video link aboutvisiting mentioned the blog, if the person wants to obtain all information is available in the video. After downloading the videos, I published the blog, and it worked very well to higher rankings in simple words you can say to get, I have four bonds for a single film in four different platforms and I had a lot of visitors to this position , And I really captures video blog search engine robots provide additional risk to the work available because the video speaks muchloudlythan words.

Tip: Always keep track of your Keyword for this position mayknow for improvement or not to keep, so if. 

Tip # 3 - Create E-Books & Presentations

SEO is today, can be played in a real field, and, as he said, should be more social, natural and be useful. If you really ranking want to blog / real estate portal organically improve in order, then take some time to create electronic books and lectures on free topics you cover your blog, by the creation of a simple 10 to 20 pages of books mails , surfing and downloads on all platforms that offer free ebooks like this:

Do not forget your URL of your blog / website in the e-book and the profile will be created on these pages, you get a lot of fast backward links. You can find Top 5 free e-book services for simple Google search on "e-books."

Now, e-books, OneMore step is easier to create powerpoint presentations about something that you know can be short or long, it does not matter, but getting your website in this presentation and in his biography on website website where your presentations Upload, these sites work best for you upload your presentations and get free backlinks:

Tip 4 - Use Fetch Google [Not]

If you fast on your site and index / rank want the Google crawler know faster you can do it yourself directly from Google Webmaster Tools account, there is an option in webmaster tools called "Fetch as Google" that makes a work very sweet, I mean that you immediatelycrawled the URL to your homepage or locality in that tool and set indexed by Google.

Go to your account Webmaster >> On the website you want to see more Crawl >> left >> >> >> Fetch as Google have the main URL of the blog / site if you like, that traces the main website, then leave it blank and click "Search" after you is to fetch in seconds Google tell you if your site has been visited or not. Also you can supply it for indexing.

This method is particularly useful for new sites or new articles / posts, because Google spiders certainly some time to index or send your site to take so that you can make yourself immediately. And yes, it worked for me forever.

Tip 5 - Create fast, but of course backlinks

If you take good care of your business on-page SEO optimized titles, permanent links, meta description, keyword density, keyword, prominently near keyword, networking and social media sharing, etc. that all is well and good to know but if you do not build quality and overtime natural backlinks certainly not Google ranking to think for a long time stable. So one should not forget, you must use all available means to create backlinks to your website and individual elements. In short, if you want to build some regular and timely to comment on your blog back to Dofollow Sites .edu / .gov website below then use to create backlinks tons of free time and improve their overall search engine:

It's a website where you can put your keyword and choose a category from the list of available resources, so that the results of blogs / websites where you can post comments or something for a backlink or just show a link.

Another website that can be used to find relevant forums based on your niche and create backlinks is as follows:

By using this site, you agree exactly relevant forums to find your main keyword, simply type in your keyword and you will immediately receive a list of forums where you in the discussion and create backlinks.

Bonus tip:

OK, there are hundreds of SEO strategies are boys and most of them strategies change overtime if they do not work for them. For Optimizer strong keyword research is one of the keys to the first success in SEO. Therefore, always doing research in depthkeyword before optimizing a keyword, because if you know what you are to be the potential future in a keyword or topic, then we are the best part of using your brain, this keyword on the first Set page of Google.


Here are some simple, but in white hat, and I think that can use SEO tactics incalculable whichyou to improve your overall rankings in Google and other search engines had their recentlyand everything worked for me. However, there are hundreds of other SEO tips that may be useful to improve ranking, do something new evidence is not prohibited. We wish you good luck!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

10 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

In blogs, everyone is trying to process and legal action to find more and more traffic to their blogs to win. And when it comes to making money with your blog is, the traffic is important. But to get a lot of traffic to a website is not an easy task; You have to work hard to increase traffic blog can be done several ways law. However, illegal methods are not long term. So the question today is to increase traffic to our blog application true methods that are not even recommended by Pro-blogger.

Drive Blog Traffic

I will give you some tips that have helped me to drive traffic to my blog. I've been blogging for 2 years, and I have all my time spent to find searching the Internet to only real means of success. It is not a short term thing on my list. However, these tips tips are cut original methods. 

How to Increase Blog Traffic?

Drive Traffic to Your Blog drive, you need a blog or website for them first. Having a website, you can increase your visitors using given ten tips:But less content quality contentYou can find many sites that have very little content, but enjoying a clever traffic to look at every day. To these should also and always try not to create something undesirable quality. The latest example is: Ask yourself what the content / post you are writing for your blog? If so, go public:-).Optimize your contentWithout optimizing content, it's just an empty box; where anyone who knows anything about it. Just make sure that you are on your content in search engines. Including Google and Bing, Yahoo, Bing even further.Use exact job titleIt is a fact that SEO confusing for beginners. The use of proper title for your blog can bring excellent results in terms of traffic. As you may know, is the first line that crawled by the search engines in history. Just make sure that it is correct to 100%. To get an idea, you can use the keyword tool from Google Adwords. Where can you find the keyword in the world especially exact searches for a particular query.This is also another example of the use of the correct entries title, I think this position as an example:Good "to generate How to free traffic to your blog?" "10 tips for attracting free traffic to your blog" orBad "Learn more visitors to your blog or to my blog to bring?"Send SitemapsSitemaps are very, very important to drive great traffic to your blog. If your blog is to have hundreds and thousands of pages and not sitemaps for search engines has not been submitted yet expected visitors come from. Just go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap to Google blog. Visit also submit the Bing Webmaster Tools for your Sitemap to Bing.

Produce an exclusive content

It is the same as a man and eleven men. If you only have a boyfriend, then you are a man less energy; but if you are then you have superhuman strength Friends eleven men. Even if you are 10 messages on his blog his socks only visit those who need these ten seats, the rest will come to you. Therefore, the more unique content production is important to increase blog traffic.

Be Socialist

Be social does not mean; Is using Facebook all day: D But compared to the average, every time new content on your blog, please share all your social networks at least on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Digg published. Share your content on Facebook groups, but remember, your content to groups with more than 500 members. Least not make a difference.

Find new stories

You know? a position to lead thousands of visitors each day; But how? yes, blind for a story last hour or more. Always try every day to visit the official web Popular Blogs once pages, and if you see an update or the latest news; immediately write an article about it and shows it with a picture. So, as you can bring tons of traffic in hours. Called to see the first post first.

Use the most popular attractions of the journal

There are many popular magazines, the kind of sites, and so on. As you write your blog and it is automatically your content on their web pages via RSS. This allows you to get good traffic from them. But note that this is. Not only for tech blogs celebrity blogs

Find Active Directory blog

Blog directories are no longer the best way to generate traffic for free, but there are a few directories that are the best, and they do what search engines. For example: is an active site that is used daily by millions of bloggers. You can submit your blog to the free list and send a lot of free traffic. All you have to do is; Only one profile on and do a free blog. That's it.

Be an active player

Always to other sites and blogs that are related to your niche sites, comments and output coupling his most recent position, and others who visit this website, go to your website to come. At least ten comments 1 day will certainly make a difference in traffic.

What do you think?

If you read this entire article and let me know what you want, or was it just a hobby? Also, if you want to share, and confirm the position. Comments are also traffic .. Happy Day!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Top 10 SEO Tips For Blogger

The survival of a blog on how highly they rated. Get high rankings in the search engines is not a cup of tea. The proper use of keywords, link building and many other things that a blogger should be familiar with need. The right approach writing as well as search engine optimization (SEO) is what you can rank your top blog. Here are SEO tips for Bloggers, useful and enjoyed higher ranking ten results have to be to learn.
10 SEO Tips For Blogger

1. Quality Inbound Links:

We can not ignore the importance of incoming / inbound links. No doubt these bloggers to categorize their blogs in search engines and get a heavy fine AdSense income. Let's say one of your posts is classified by a blog PR 6, then it is likely that your blog and posts? as high rank and you get a lot of organic traffic.

2. Quality Backlinks:

I must say that creating backlinks is what can help your blog? the S ranking results and research. Try your best to generate quality backlinks for each post published on their blogs. For this purpose, you can choose some blogs 1, 2, 3 to create PR backlinks, if possible, then you can about blogging and PR to generate 6 places for maximum exposure.

3. Shorter URLs better:

Definitely not a blog with many URL is well structured in the results of search engines. If you keep confused about the reasons to your blog Short URL, so let me tell you that the robots of search engines classify large worrisome URL, but rather and rank the best short URL. For this reason, we must be careful to avoid poorly structured or URL of the loss of his rank blog. 

4. Interconnection News:

It is imperative for Interlink their new jobs with the old for effective results. This reduces the bounce rate on your chances of getting better search results. Relevant connections are not as effective as relevant.

5. Social media is still important:

Social networks play an important role in indirectly the optimization of search engines today, you can not ignore this trend. Google Hummingbird social action, social settings and other best practices on social media. Google+ is a social platform in real time where you pay more attention to Google by exchanging messages and add interactivity to your messages.

6. Guest Posts:

The client computers are a way to categorize your blog by quality backlinks. Many blogs do for your niche blog? S will certainly facilitate client. You must select those PR 1 or 2, invited her to write and paste a direct free kick link to your blog. According to a publication you receive direct organic traffic and a greater chance of getting your blog to increase their ranking.

7. Participation Forums:

Participation in forums to generate quality links to your blog. Search the forums where people discuss the themes and content relevant to your niche blog. Join them and participate in the discussions, once out, put your blog link in your discussion urge people to visit.

8. internship keyword:

As a blogger and SEO, it is your job to place the keywords correctly for each element. Don? T immediately after the flood article with many keywords, instead use a unique approach keyword and use it once in the title, description and body content in an appropriate manner.

9. On page SEO:

You should especially pay on the SEO side and make sure that all posts made by you has done satisfactorily on page SEO. It is marked green if you are, even if it is yellow or red with the SEO tool if you lost something.

10. Article Marketing:

For SEO is also needed to articles on various article directories in which to forward you maximum exposure, traffic and higher search engine results.