Saturday, 11 April 2015

Remove Subscribe to Post (Atom) in Blogger

Delete Subscribe to Post Atom
In default Blogger templates that there is a link "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link under each post occasionally on the left side or in the middle. It also appears on the main page Blog'e. Click on this link a visitor to their RSS feed. but instead of this natural compound, there are many other impressive to visitors the possibility of a blog feeds Subscribe opportunities.Most people, especially new bloggers do not like it here. You want to make your blog nice and bright. So and so want to remove this link, how quickly they find a solution for it. There are many tips were shared over the Internet on this subject. But I'll share is the best way to remove this link from your blog. We now turn right on the road.

Withdrawal Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link on Blogger?

You can use this link use many tricks to remove, but it is the easiest and fastest method, because this method we will just hide it from your blog with a CSS property. You must add a single line of CSS your blog and that's it. Follow the steps to do so:

  •     Close your blog
  •     >> Change the HTML template
  •     Search For code ]]></b:skin> (Tip: Use CTRL + F)
  •     Now just above / before]]> </ b: skin> next insertion code
.feed-links { display:none !important; }
  Save the template to see you. Atom link source is gone.You may have questions about this tutorial or this blog, please write in the comments. In addition to sharing this message with your friends, a peanut for me !!! Amazing stay!