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Thursday, 6 February 2014

How to Make Money with BuySellAds

It is an excellent platform for content creators as "BuySellAds", which is not designed as Adsense, but is stronger than any in relation to AdSense. Adsense is a PPC ad network (pay per click) who pays publishers when displaying visitors clicked while BuySellAds (BSA) is very different from Adsense. BSA is a direct network banner, which you appear blank ads on your blog / website and every time you place an advertiser is interested to show an ad on your site, he / she will be contacted directly BSA to your to show interest in place, and after you accept the ad. 

Earn Money With BuySellAds

The ads will be displayed in place for a minimum period of 30 days, clicks or impressions independent. So here's a bonus you get a sponsor for the entire month and the payment is confirmed.BSA acts as a gateway between the publisher and the advertiser, a publisher who owns a website and the content and monetization an advertiser on the Looking for a site classified to give justifies find advertisers for you and paid monthly. However, BSA part of the cost of the service in their favor, but do not worry, it is very small, and. With Google Adsense

How much can you earn BuySellAds?

It is not the exact number of winners with BSA, but have everything depends on the traffic on your site. Especially if your site is approved by BSA, BSA is not easy to accept, because new websites. So you need to be difficult to approved to work. Once your site is approved, their points of ads on your site can be viewed immediately. Usually, a website with 50K impressions per month will earn $ 500 per month BSA. So more visitors you have, the more money be there.

In addition, the theme of your website in terms of the profit with BuySellAds is important. Technology topics and paid advertisers more money than celebrities, sports, and other general topics. Make MoneyOnline, SEO, web development and web design themes are the highest wages for BSA advertisers.

The warrants admission criteria?

You can fund your account without a warrant to create condition, but for the insertion of ads BSA must be approved at least one site of them. So for the approval of your site, you must first submit for review. Your website needs to easily meet the minimum criteria to be approved by them. And here is the simplest criteria before BSA:

Your website needs to get 30,000 or more monthly impressions

Their website is in English

Your website should have a professional looking design (very important)

Your site must have at least 50 or more messages / articles

At least four of your website should Months (for website re-accreditation)

Without piracy, no cracks, no pornography, adult content, no plagiarism

The above points are a must before you submit your site for review. However, you should use the criteria in your site, read before.

Now here is the video tutorials for all of these processes on an Urdu language, I only created for you. 

Make Money with BuySellAds video 1 in Urdu

Make Money with BuySellAds video 2 in Urdu

So after watching the videos I hope I can say that you understand how it works basically BSA. But one thing is for sure, if you have a BSA-approval, you can make more money with him. It's even bigger than Adsense thing.