Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Top SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger Blog

Blogger is mainly used CMS (Content Management System) and beats every time WordPress because Google team makes its difficult best platform for bloggers bloggers. Blogger is better for personal blogs and also allows you to share your views on the world, rather than by WordPress blogger is better because my friends say that it is difficult to manage by WordPress personal blog, because if your WordPress website, beginning more money and time tooks so it's a good idea to have a blog with Blogger, WordPress Blogger lack Seo start because too many SEO plugins for SEO without any problems, but if there blogger is necessary to add a little HTML code do for better search engine page optimization, so today I will share meta tags for better SEO.

Meta Tags

Adding meta keywords and description

<Meta content = "description of your home page 'name =" description "/><Meta content = "your keywords,'name 'keywords' = />Meta tags easily help robots to read on your website and enjoy a quick indexing of many search engines like Google and Bing, meta tags are SEO backbone, when not in use, so you do not get better results from your work hard.

Adding SEO optimized title tags

To find .....

 <Title> <data: blog.pageTitle />
 </ title>Delete <data: blog.pageTitle /> Save Template

Final Thoughts

These are two SEO tips murderers friends, everyone should use for your blog, because using these markings, you can enjoy many benefits and a lot of time to get necessary to be effective aproxmately get the desired results in just two months ... Cheer ...