Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Google Analytic Tool Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Google Analytics is a web tool that is best for tracking and monitoring website traffic and other incoming or outgoing data. It's completely free for webmasters and anyone can use for your website or blog. I met a lot of tools as an analytical web analytics, but I found exactly 100% of them. So that's why I thought that. A complete guide on this subject in Urdu Because many people do not know the proper use of tools from Google Analytics. I created playlist of videos to learn accessible to all on the analysis tools. I use this amazing tool and is recommended to you.

Google Analytics Traning

The main features of Google Analytics

There are many features of this tool, but you can learn the traffic to the site rebound site on your site / daily data accurate traffic blogs, so visits, page views, amount and duration. You will see a deeper understanding of your site while using this great tool. A new feature has also added recently, the data in real time; as a tape counter. You will be asked all over the internet to show his state of Google Analytics if you want to sell your site or to attract advertisers, etc.

Learn Google Analytics in Urdu and Hindi

Here is a video tutorial Play Urdu on Google Analytics you can see to Google Analytics completely learn Urdu. 

Google Analytics Tutorials in Urdu Part 1

Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 2 
Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 3
Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 4
Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 5
Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 6

Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 7
Google Analytic tool Tutorials Part 8
You must watch all the videos one by one. In my next posts I will complete video training Google Web Master Tools to write them so. Because Google Web Master Tools is also a great tool and very necessary to drive traffic to your blog or website.

What do you think to think of this course? if you learned something from this course together with your friends to promote the need for contribution in return. And have a nice day friends, ask for feedback if you have any questions.